Have a question or need help? You have come to the right place. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

​Is it safe?

It is completely safe and we are very strict in making sure that everyone is throwing the axes in a safe manner.

Can I book a reservation during the week?

Yes you can! Just let us know what day and time you had in mind and give us advance notice. We require a minimum of 4 participants for two hour session for mid week bookings.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

The AGCO has changed the policy regarding BYOB and no longer allows this at axe throwing facilities.

We are however a licensed facility and have a selection of beer and coolers for you to purchase.

Can I bring my own axe?

Yes you can, however, our trainers will need to approve your axe onsite The head must be approximately 1.5 lbs and the handle is no longer than 22 inches.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can! We will also have an assortment of menus from local restaurants if you would like to order in.

Do I need to make a reservation?

  • Walk-inís are welcome on the weekends, but not guaranteed. We recommend calling ahead to ensure we have availability when you want to come in!
  • If you plan to come in with a group, we recommend making a reservation.
  • Reservations are highly recommended for weekends! We often book completely full, so it is best to book your weekend spot in advance!

Do I need to show proof of vaccination?

No it is no longer required.

Do we have to sign anything?

Yes, we require all participants (including youth) to have a signed waiver before they are able to participate. Youth under 16 will require waiver to be signed by a parent or guardian.WAIVER

Do you have throwing knives?

We now have knives available to throw. Only available for 1 hour walk-ins. Our coaches will give you a lesson and show you how to properly throw the knives.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Ax Men offers gift certificates in all denominations, and they never expire!

Looking for a last minute gift? Want to show someone you really care? You can buy an Ax Men gift certificate right now.

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I don't live in Orillia are you willing to travel with the mobile trailer?

Yes we do travel with it. Anything outside of the 50km radius of Ax Men is subject to a per km travel fee (each way). For example if you are 75 km from Ax Men, you would pay a travel fee of 25 km each way.

I heard you have shovels?

Yes we do! Come in and book a regular two hour session and after your tournament, our coaches will bring out the shovels, big axes and teach you a few trick shots as well.

**Shovels and big axes not available for 1 hour walk-ins**

What are the costs?

Please view any of our pricing pages for all cost and information! We offer a wide variety of packages from last minute drop in rates to planned group packages for Birthdays, Corporate Outings, Stags, Stagettes and any other social gathering.

What happens if my numbers change?

We understand that life happens sometimes and that's okay. If your numbers change slightly we will adjust on the day of when you come, and you will only pay for the number of participants. With that being said, if you are booking 3 cages (30 people) and you know that you will only have 10 please let us know AT LEAST 3 days prior so we can update your booking and potentially book those other cages.

What is your age restriction?

Anyone ages 10+ can throw axes. Participants under the age of 16 require an adult to be present at all times. An adult is required inside the rage room with anyone under the age of 18. Parents and guardians must sign for participants under 18 years of age.

What should I wear?

Comfortable loose fitting clothing is recommended for flexibility and closed toed shoes are mandatory.

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