• $35.00 / Person

Rage Room Bookings

Have you ever just felt the urge to break or smash something to release stress? Life can be full of all kinds of annoying and frustrating things such as that promotion you deserved but got passed up on, or that family drama that has you aggravated or maybe you just always thought it would be fun to smash plates on the floor. It doesnít matter what your reason is, our Rage Room is the perfect place to come and SMASH stuff to relieve some of that tension or just to have a great time. The best part is you donít have to worry about cleaning up afterward; we look after that for you.

What to Expect

During your session you will have an assortment of breakable glass items (Plates, glasses, jars, bottles) as well as electronics. You will be wearing a protective jumpsuit, chest protector, helmet/mask and gloves. (Closed toe shoes are a must).

You get to choose your weapon; will it be a baseball bat, crow bar, hammer or a club? Or maybe you just want to whip something against the wall. Whatever you choose is totally up to you.

You will have a maximum of 30 minutes per session.

*** Minimum age of 16 to participate in the rage room***


Single: $35

1 person


20 glass items (assortment of plates, cups, bottles, etc.)

1 electronic

Date Night: $59

2 people


30 glass items (assortment of plates, cups, bottles, etc.)

1 electronics (Printer or monitor etc)

Group: $99

1-4 people


50 glass items (assortment of plates, cups, bottles, etc.)

1 larger glass item (vase, picture etc.)

1 electronic (Printer or monitor etc)

Based on Availability, Please Book Ahead Online to Reserve Your Spot

*Loose fitting clothing is recommended for flexibility and closed toed shoes are mandatory.
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